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Je bent hier: Start 11.11.11 - English

11.11.11 - English

11.11.11 is the coalition of NGOs, unions, movements and solidarity groups in Flanders (dutchspeaking Northern part of Belgium). 11.11.11 combines the efforts of 70 organizations and 340 committees of volunteers who work together to achieve one common goal: a fairer world with no poverty.

On and is the website (this website) of 11.11.11 secretariat as the umbrella organisation of the coalition.
is the newsportal of the Flemish North-South organisations who are members of the 11.11.11 coalition or participate in one of its networks. The portal is maintained by 11.11.11 but the main bulk of the information is provided by its member organisations.

English, French and Spanish?
Unfortunately we are not able to present our websites in English.The English pages of this website contain some basic information about our organisation, our campaigns and some news on our activities, mainly in Asia.
You can find some French news, mainly on Central Africa and Spanish news mainly on South America on our French and Spanish pages.