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Titel Development with a Body. Sexuality, Human Rights & Development.
Auteur(s) Cornwall, Andrea; Correa, Sonia; Jolly, Susie
Uitgever(s) Londen, Zed Books, 2008, 257 p., ISBN 978-1-84277-891-3
Samenvatting This book offers compelling insights into contemporary challenges and transformative possibilities of the struggle for sexual rights. It combines the conceptual with the political, and offers inspiring examples of practical interventions and campaigns that emphasize the positive demensions of sexuality. It brings reflections and experiences of researchers, activists and practitioners together. From political discourse on sex and masculinity to sex work and trafficking, from HIV and sexuality to struggles for legal reform and citizenship, the authors explore the gains of creating stronger linkages between sexuality, human rights and development.

Titel The State of the World's Children 2009. Maternal and Newborn Health.
Auteur(s) Veneman, Ann M., Editor-in-Chief
Uitgever(s) New York, UNICEF, 2008, 158 p., ISBN 978-92-806-4318-3

Titel Genre et VIH/SIDA.
Corp. Auteur(s) Le Monde selon les Femmes
Uitgever(s) Bruxelles, Le Monde selon les Femmes, 2007, 72 p., ISBN D/2007-7926-02

Titel Real Aid 2. Making Technical Assitance Work.
Corp. Auteur(s) Action Aid International
Uitgever(s) Johannesburg, Actionaid International, 2006, 51 p.
Samenvatting In 2005, rich countries made long overdure promises to increase aid. EU countries signed up to clear timetables to reach the 35-year old target of allocating 0,7% of national income on aid, encouraging other donor countries to add their own pledges of new funds. Aid can make a real difference to the lives of the world's most poorest. But to dothis, aid must be real. One of the largest areas of phantom aid is technical assistance: donor spending on consultants, research and training. Technical assistance absobed $19billion of aid in 2004, a quarter of global aid flows.

Titel Public Choices, Private Decisions: Sexual and Reproductive Health and the Millennium Development Goals
Auteur(s) Bernstein, Stan; Hansen, Charlotte Juul
Uitgever(s) New York, United Nations Development Programme, 2006, 180 p., ISBN 2-88053-049-0

Titel Countdown 2015. Sexual & reproductive health & rights for all.
Corp. Auteur(s) ICPD (International Conference on Population and Development)
Uitgever(s) Washington DC, Population Action International, 2005,
Samenvatting Ten years of work raise the question of whether the International Conference on Population and Development goals are plausible or only a pipe dream.

Titel Global Health Watch 2005-2006. An Alternative World Health Report.
Corp. Auteur(s) Global Health watch
Uitgever(s) London, New York, Zed Books, 2005, 368 p., ISBN 1-84277-569-3
Samenvatting Today's global health crisis reflects widening inequalities within and between countries. As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, advances in science and technology are securing better health and longer lives for a small fraction of the world's population. Meanwhile childern die of diarrhoea for want of clean water, people with aids die for want of affordable medecines, and poor people in all regions are increasingly cut off from the politiacal, social and economic tools they can use to createz their own health and well-being. The real scandal is that the world lacks neither funds nor expertise to siolve most of these problems. This is an alternative report on the UN's health-related Millennium Develpment Goals .

Titel The Millennium Development Goals Report 2005.
Uitgever(s) New York, United Nations, 2005, p. 44, ISBN 92-1-100972-3
Samenvatting This progress report is the most comprehensive accounting to date on how far we have come, and how far we have to go, in each of the world's regions. It reflects a collaborative effort among a large number of agencies and organizations within and outside the United Nations system.
URL W:DocentbibonlinemilleniumdoelenMillennium_development_goals_report-05.pdf; .

Titel Who's got the power? Transforming health systems for women and children Child Health and Maternal Health
Auteur(s) Freedman, Lynn P., Lead author
Corp. Auteur(s) UN Millennium Project, Task Force on Child Health and maternal Health 2005
Uitgever(s) London, Sterling, Earthscan, 2005, 183 p., ISBN 1-84407-224-x
Samenvatting This report lays out the recommendations of the UN Millennium Project Task Force on Child Health and Maternal Health. The task force recommends the rapid and equitable scale up of such interventions as the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness, the universal provision of emergency obstretic care, access to reproductive health services and strengthening of health systems. This will require that health systems be seen as social institutions and that acces to health services be considered a fundamental right.

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