Climate change activists needed in Caribbean - 6 months, starting March 2018


On the island of Saint Vincent in the Caribbean sea, Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) is teaching her international students, how to participate towards building a sustainable future. The tools used differ from conventional methods: permaculture farming, living and sharing life in a group, learning to teach and teaching to learn, setting up infrastructure, working with people that have completely different backgrounds, organising conferences, open days and setting up projects. Essential in this education is the hands on approach. This is where the team and the individual show they have the willpower to make a change for the betterment of the Vincentian people.

Richmond Vale Academy has developed two Climate Change Activist courses: a one month programme and a six months programme. Both are organised several times a year.

The six months programme structure for March / July / November.

Period 1 - two weeks: Gaia warns you
Period 2 - two weeks: Digging deeper
Period 3 - one month: Making RVA Climate Compliant
Period 4 - two months: Making St. Vincent Climate Compliant
Period 5-8 - two months: Larger Actions, Follow up and Evaluation

The course starting in March 2018 will focus on building vegetable gardens around the houses of local communities.

For more detailed information on the one month, six months programme, other courses and their cost, visit A more in depth view on RVA’s vision, goals and methods is assembled in a new book: Ready for Climate Change, which is conveniently published online. (URL’s below)

While doing the course, students live on the campus where accommodation, meals (vegan/vegetarian/meat), activities and more are shared with the staff creating a community atmosphere.

A look at some experiences: student reviews.


Are you ready to get your hands dirty?


Contact Richmond Vale Academy at or call +1784 458 2255.


The URL’s

Book - Ready for Climate Change:
Info on six month course:
Student reviews:
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