Ngo's blijven aandringen op snelle invoering Europese financiële transactietaks

Zoals we al eerder berichtten hebben negen landen, waaronder België, het initiatief genomen om de invoering van een Europese FTT nog tijdens het Deense voorzitterschap rond te krijgen. (zie Dat is dus voor einde juni.

In een open brief aan de Deense premier Helle Thorning-Schmidt roept 11.11.11, samen met brede internationale coalitie van meer dan 70 nationale en internationale ngo's en vakbonden, het Deens voorzitterschap op om de vaart in het proces te houden.

Request to the Danish Presidency of the European Union to accelerate the process on the Financial Transaction Tax


Dear Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt,

Civil society across the EU, including non-governmental and trade union organisations, have been campaigning for a number of years for a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) that would generate significant public revenues to finance the fight against poverty at home and in developing countries and policies to combat climate change and contribute to better regulation of European financial markets.

In this regard, we are pleased with the considerable progress achieved in 2011 and 2012 to advance a FTT in Europe as a first and essential step towards a global FTT.

This fair and progressive tax has gained huge popular support: over 61% of European citizens are in favour and millions of people have joined national campaigns for FTT.

The FTT has gained economic credibility, as it will have a positive impact on growth and jobs: it has received the backing from over 1000 economists, leading figures such as Bill Gates, George Soros, Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman. Added to the fact that FTTs already exist in 10 EU Member States, it sends a clear signal that arguments raised against the tax are misleading and unfounded.

The FTT has also gained strong political support led by France and Germany and the Commission.

There is now robust evidence that a FTT in the EU is legally, technically, and economically feasible and politically much desirable.

The letter you recently received from 9 EU Member States bears witness to the intention for implementation of an FTT even, if necessary, as a start at the Eurozone level or through an alternative arrangement such as an enhanced cooperation. We believe the question is no longer whether or not such a tax will be implemented but what its level of ambition will be and whether it will provide an opportunity to support those who have been hit the hardest by the economic and financial crisis -both in Europe and globally. Furthermore, it is crucial to ensure that FTT revenues will be used as well to fight poverty and combat climate change worldwide.

Time for political decision on the implementation

We call upon the Danish Presidency to accelerate negotiations on the EU draft FTT directive so that a positive decision is reached before the end of your Presidency. We as civil society will continue to put pressure on EU governments that maintain their ideological opposition to the tax and look to you to ensure that their opinions do not stand in the way of a decision for its implementation, even if only by a group of pioneer countries or in the Eurozone.

For this to happen, it is essential to:

  • Accelerate the reading at the technical working group level. The reading needs to be completed by end of April at the latest to allow enough time for a political decision.
  • Put the FTT proposal on the agenda of the ECOFIN on 13 March to have a clear indication of EU Member States' positions and the possible level of implementation of the tax i.e. EU-27 or Enhanced Cooperation, including the Eurozone option, and timetable. This should form the basis of a clear proposal from the ECOFIN to the European Council.
  • Due to the sensitivity of the issue, the final decision should be taken at the highest political level. At European Council in May or June (at the latest), Heads of State and government should take a formal decision on the level of implementation and concrete steps, moving towards an enhanced cooperation agreement if necessary.

We trust that concrete indications in this regard will be made by your Presidency either before or at the ECOFIN along with a calendar of the next steps.

Yours sincerely,

European/International organisations:
  • Action Aid – Laura Sullivan, European policy and Campaigns Manager
  • Action for Global Health
  • CARE International - Robert GLASSER, Secretary General
  • CIDSE - Bernd Nilles, Secretary General
  • CONCORD – Olivier Consolo, Director
  • European Attac Network
  • European federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU)
  • International Women's Health Coalition
  • ONE – Alexander Woollcombe, Acting Brussels Director
  • Oxfam International, representing Oxfam confederation - Jeremy Hobbs, Executive Director
  • Trades Union Congress (TUC) - Brendan Barber, General Secretary
  • UNI Europa
National organisations:
  • 11.11.11 /Coordination of the flemish North South movement – Belgium
  • AIDS-Fondet/The Danish AIDS Foundation - Laura Kirch Kirkegaard, Head of Advocacy - Denmark
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Entwicklungshilfe (Association for Development Cooperation, AGEH) - Michael Steeb, Managing Director – Germany
  • Attac Austria - Alexandra Strickner, chairperson - Austria
  • Attac Deutschland - Detlev von Larcher, Arbeitsgruppe Finanzen - Germany
  • Attac Norway - Benedikte Pryneid Hansen, Chairperson - Norway
  • ATTAC Spain – Spain
  • Attac Vlaanderen - Eric Goeman, Spokesperson – Belgium
  • Bischöfliche Aktion ADVENIAT - Prälat Bernd Klaschka, Geschäftsführer - Germany
  • Brot für die Welt - Dr. Klaus Seitz, Head of Policy Department – Germany
  • Bundesjugendwerk der AWO - Maike Eckel & Georg Förster, Bundesvorsitzende – Germany
  • Campact e.V. – Christoph Bautz, Executive Director - Germany
  • Centre National de coopération au développement – CNCD-11.11.11 - Arnaud Zacharie, Secretary General - Belgium
  • Coalition PLUS - Khalil Elouardighi, Head of Advocacy - France
  • DanChurchAid - Henrik Stubkjær, General Secretary - Denmark
  • Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (German Confederation of Trade Unions, DGB) - Claus Matecki, Mitglied des Bundesvorstands - Germany
  • Deutscher Naturschutzring (German League for Nature and Environment) - Prof. Dr. Hartmut Vogtmann, Erster Vizepräsident – Germany
  • Finnwatch – Sonja Vartiala, Executive Director – Finland
  • Forum Ökologisch-Soziale Marktwirtschaft e.V. - Damian Ludewig, Geschäftsführer – Germany
  • Germanwatch e.V. – Christoph Bals, Policy Director – Germany
  • Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW) - Ulrich Thöne, Vorsitzender - Germany
  • Global Health Advocates (Avocats pour la santé dans le monde) – Patrick Bertrand, Executive Director – France
  • GLS Bank – Andreas Neukirch, Vorstand - Germany
  • IBIS - Vagn Berthelsen, Secretary General – Denmark
  • Industriegewerkschaft Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt (Trade Union for Building, Forestry, Agriculture and Environment) – Klaus Wiesehügel, Chairman - Germany
  • INKOTA-Netzwerk - Arndt von Massenbach, Managing Director – Germany
  • Interact Worldwide – United Kingdom
  • Jesuitenmission – P. Klaus Väthröder SJ, Missionsprokurator - Germany
  • KAB Deutschlands e.V./Catholic Workers Movement Germany - Georg Hupfauer, Sabine Schiedermair & Johannes Stein, Vorstand/Executive Committee – Germany
  • Kampagne "Steuer gegen Armut" (German FTT Campaign of 89 organisations) - P. Dr. Jörg Alt SJ, Moderator – Germany
  • Katholische Landjugendbewegung Deutschlands e.V. (KLJB) - Klaus Settele, Chairperson - Germany
  • Kirchlicher Dienst in der Arbeitswelt (KDA) - Dr. Axel Brassler, Geschäftsführer - Germany
  • Kepa, The Finnish NGO platform - Timo Lappalainen, Executive Director - Finland
  • KOO - Koordinierungsstelle der Österr. Bischofskonferenz f. internationale Entwicklung und Mission – Austria
  • Landesarmutskonferenz Berlin – Hermann Pfahl, Sprecher - Germany
  • Medico international - Thomas Gebauer, Geschäftsführer - Germany
  • Medsin - United Kingdom
  • MISEREOR - Dr. Bernd Bornhorst, Head of Development Policy Department – Germany
  • Missio München - P. Eric Englert OSA, Präsident – Germany
  • Mission EineWelt, Centrum für Partnerschaft, Entwicklung und Mission der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Landeskirche in Bayern - Dr. Jürgen Bergmann, Referatsleitung Entwicklung und Politik – Germany
  • Netzwerk Afrika Deutschland (NAD) - P. Wolfgang Schonecke – Germany
  • Oikocredit Deutschland - Dr. Florian Grohs, Geschäftsführer - Germany
  • Oswald von Nell-Breuning-Institut für Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftsethik der Phil.- Theol. Hochschule St. Georgen - Wolf-Gero Reichert – Germany
  • Réseau Nigérien des personnes vivant avec le VIH-Sida (RENIP+) - M. BOUBOU Mamoudou Secrétaire Général - Niger
  • Réseau Action Climat / Climate Action Network - France
  • RESULTS UK – Aaron Oxley, Executive Director - United Kingdom
  • Robin Hood Skat – Lars Koch, Head of Policy - Denmark
  • Robin Hood Tax Ireland - Mark Conroy - Ireland
  • Robin Hood-skattkampanjen/Norwegian Robin Hood Tax Campaign – Norway
  • Robin Hood Tax Campaign UK – United Kingdom
  • Salud por Derecho - Spain
  • Stamp Out Poverty – David Hillman, Stamp Out Poverty Coordinator - United Kingdom
  • Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ver.di - Frank Bsirske, Vorsitzender - Germany
  • WEED - World Economy, Ecology & Development Assoc. Germany - Peter Wahl, Head of Department for Financial Regulation – Germany
  • Weltfriedensdienst e.V. - Georg Rohde, Geschäftsführer - Germany
  • Weltnotwerk e.V., Solidaritätsaktion der Katholischen Arbeitnehmerbewegung Deutschlands e.V. - Otto Meier, Vorsitzender - Germany
  • Yugoslav Youth Association Against AIDS – Youth of JAZAS - Serbia
  • Zero Zero Cinque (Italian FTT campaign of 52 organisations) - Italy

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