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Who are we?

Solid vzw firmly believes that the joining of forces between socially responsible companies and non-profit organisations is an effective and sustainable way to combat poverty in the long term and, more specifically, to improve the living conditions of underprivileged people worldwide. On the one hand, these fair companies create fair opportunities for the local population by creating fair employment, sales markets and other forms of added value for society. On the other hand, the non-profit organisations strengthen their people and their environment by, among other things, guiding, supporting and teaching them skills that lower the threshold to the labour market and offer the prospect of a solid future. 

Finally, this leads to the self-financing of the non-profit projects: profits from the commercial activities flow directly to the social organisations, which cannot survive financially on their own (apart from donations).

Solid is a joining of forces between different organisations and aims to support local partners in the South by offering fair production to the North. By creating profit in the South, the aim is also to invest in local social projects and thus build a hybrid model in which sustainability and self-reliance are central.

Solid applies this combination of commercial and social motives in 2 large projects: SOLID CRAFTS & SOLID AGRICULTURE: Solid Crafts develops and supports sustainable handicraft workshops in Peru, Kenya and India where underprivileged people are employed in a fair manner, with a focus on high quality raw materials and authentic crafts. Solid Agriculture focuses on sustainable agricultural projects in Ayacucho, Peru, in order to give local farming families a chance to provide for their own livelihoods, with respect for people and the environment. 

The profits from the workshops and local harvests are invested by Solid in their own social projects. All this is done with special attention to personal, social development and awareness of one's own strengths and possibilities; in other words: a win-win story that benefits everyone.

Who are we looking for?

For our fair textile workshop in the city of Ayacucho, in the Peruvian Andes we are building a macro-system that helps us track the supply chain – from start to finish. What supplies are coming in, which worker are they distributed to, in what timeframe, how many times, by whom is the final product quality-checked and when is it ready for chipment? A complete macro system that will not only enable us to track production but also to have more data on the time of production, to better estimate and adapt wages of our workers and improve the professionality of our work. 

We are looking for a ICT volunteer who can help us with the programming part, at distance or locally in Peru. You will mainly be working with our local colleague Fernando, in charge of the programming. 

Are you almost fluent in Spanish? Can you cope with flexibility on the work floor and do you have quite a bit of patience? An eye for detail? Are you someone who can work independently and especially someone who can work quickly? And most of all, you’re open to cultural differences? Don't hesitate to contact us! 

We offer you

- A chance of contributing to a growing textile company that wants to provide fair working opportunities to women in poor living conditions and helping build a customized software that benefits enormously the goal of the project. 

- Accommodation in a safe and pleasant area of Ayacucho, living together with other volunteers. 

- Close monitoring locally and from the Belgian office. 

- Insurance Civil liability and accidents during working hours. 


- Volunteering

- Full time locally, min. 1 month or part time at distance

- As soon as possible 

- Apply at with reference Volunteer ICT Peru



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