PhD Fellow – Project “Making Refugee Integration Sustainable: In Search of Durable Relations with Host Populations in Uganda”

he Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Department of Planning and Governance, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), Uganda and the Institute of Development Policy (IOB), University of Antwerp, Belgium, invite applications for a four-year, full-time position as Doctoral Researcher.

The position provides the opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree in development studies in an international development institute (IOB) with high academic standards and an interdisciplinary environment. The PhD Fellow conducts fieldwork-based doctoral research with a focus on social relations between hosts and refugees in Uganda. This position is financed as part of a grant from the Flemish Interuniversity council (VLIR-UOS) for the project “Making Refugee Integration Sustainable: In Search of Durable Relations with Host Populations In Uganda” led by Dr. Frank Ahimbisibwe (MUST) and Dr. Bert Ingelaere (IOB).

About the project

A sustainable relationship between host and refugees is essential to guarantee the social and political stability of countries and regions. Uganda is known to be hosting one of the largest refugee populations in the world. This project aims to contribute to a better understanding and facilitate policy interventions that can ameliorate social relations between hosts and refugees. This will be done by: (1) developing innovative research approaches studying conflict trajectories (escalation vs. mediation); (2) structurally improve and strengthen the research capabilities (e.g. methodological skills) at Ugandan partner institution (students, PhDs and staff members); (3) propel the Southern Partner (MUST) and its staff into a recognized leader regarding high quality research on forced displacement; (4) translate findings to policy makers through participation of international and national NGOs and Ugandan authorities (national/local).

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