Regional Director of Rikolto in Vietnam

FUNCTION: Regional Director Rikolto in Vietnam 

DATE:  July 07,  2019 





Develop, lead and manage the Vietnam regional office as part of the Rikolto network organisation. Lead the Rikolto-program, taking into account the regional context, so as to achieve sustainable and scalable impact in the targeted food systems 

External key relationships 


Directors and other key staff of key partners  

Donors (current and potential) 

Other development organisations in the region active in the field of sustainable food system development 

Reports to 

Executive director / Board of Directors 


Regional office staff  

Position in the organisation 

Member of the International Management Team (the key decision making body which reports to the Board of Directors) 


Job size 


Rikolto office in Hanoi  


Intensive travelling may be required 






  • End responsibility for the regional program in line with global Rikolto policies, strategies and guidelines, taking into account the regional context. This means: 

  • leading the implementation of the 2017-21 Strategy and Programs (currently focused on rice, pulses and horticulture) 

  • leading the further development of strategies and policies to have greater impact on food system development in the Region, including contributions to Rikolto’s international clusters and working groups.  

  • leading Rikolto’s Inclusive Business approach to ensure that new win-win business models are developed between food chain actors 

  • Leading strategic planning on working with food system and food smart city in Vietnam, including Da Nang, Hanoi, Bac Ninh, HCM city and Can Tho 

  • Leading up-scaling and structural change strategies at regional level.  

  • Ensuring the regular and systematic assessment of the program’s performance, and adjusting if needed, by using the Planning, Learning and Accountability system  

  • Enhancing partnerships with strategic partners, including CIAT, IFPRI, other research organizations/universities, Worldbank, Phoenix, Loc Troi, etc. in implementing and developing Vietnam’s programme   


Fundraising, Communications, and programme development  

  • Lead Vietnam’s regional office’s  fundraising strategy  

  • Lead Vietnam’s regional office’s  internal and external communication strategy  

  • Deliver on the global priority to develop the financial autonomy of the regional office through fundraising and communications work.  

  • Ensure Rikolto is integrated into strategically relevant local and regional networks and ensure that Rikolto does not operate in (splendid) isolation.  

  • Represent Rikolto in the region and ensure the liaison between the region, Rikolto in Belgium and its key stakeholders (volunteers and donors) 

  • Support the programme team in developing contents for advocacy (e.g. policy briefs, case studies, toolboxes, research summaries) context analysis/programme development (e.g. academic research, questionnaires), and awareness-raising (e.g. consumer campaign) purposes 

  • Lead the preparation for expanding Vietnam programme to Indo-china/Southeast Asian programme 

  • Ensure strategic planning toward the transition to food system-focused intervention strategies. This entails: 

  • Planning and monitoring/coaching the implementation of strategies to develop Rikolto in Vietnam’s core values and businesses, including, for instance, participatory Guarantee System, Inclusive Business Relationship, Food smart city, smart urban food governance, Sustainable Rice Production, Integrated rice farming system 

  • Providing strategic, methodological and technical guidance to programme staff in designing, planning, implementing, monitoring and adjusting actions meant to achieve structural change 


Management and change management 

  • Ensure the successful functioning of the Rikolto office. This entails: 

  • the development of specific policies for the regional program (financial, HR, programmatic) in line with Rikolto global policies, and taking into account the regional context and legal framework 

  • End responsibility for the legal status of the regional office and its effective operation including financial and HR management  

  • Managing and inspiring the regional team  

  • Daily managing the programme development support team 

  • Being an active and visible coach to the team  

  • Support the further evolution of the Region towards being a high performing and financially autonomous hub of the global network 





and technical knowledge 

  • Masters/PhD degree or equivalent in (Development) economics, Business Administration, (Sustainable) agriculture, or Development studies or equivalent by experience 


  • Very good knowledge of English as working language of Rikolto (essential) 

  • Very good knowledge of important local languages in the region (preferable) 


  • Background in International Development Cooperation/International Private Sector 

  • Experience in collaborating with private actors, multi-stakeholder approach 

  • Experience in a network organization is an asset 

  • Sufficient knowledge of and experience with financial management and reporting 

  • ≥ 5 years in management position  

  • ≥ 5 years of living and working in a developing country  

  • Good knowledge of the regional context  

Skills and knowledge 

  • Has a good knowledge of development issues, inclusive business models, value chains and associated areas 

  • Has a global vision and a broad interest, is able to see problems from different angles and seek solutions with experts 

  • Knows key concepts and methods in financial and HR management  

  • Is an excellent cross-cultural communicator and an active listener 

  • Is a strong networker  

  • Has fundraising capacities 

  • Shows strong leadership 

  • Can manage, coach and motivate a multicultural team 

  • Is able to put people in their strengths 

  • Has change management skills and the capacity to steer, in a strategic manner 


  • Has a strong affinity with Rikolto mission and values 

  • Firmly believes in co-creation of development through constructive dialogue and coordinated multi-stakeholder action 

  • Has a positive attitude focussed on win-win solutions  

  • Has an entrepreneurial spirit 

  • Acts with integrity and respects others (working together) 

  • Constructively challenges self and others (making it happen) 

  • Can be relied on to deliver commitments (accountable) 

  • Creates strong morale and spirit in his/her team, fosters open dialogue and shares successes (building effective teams) 

  • Inspires people to act (in accordance with the vision/plan of Rikolto) 

  • Is willing to learn and share lessons learnt 

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