Vrijwilligers voor organisatie Documentaire Festival

CATAPA is a volunteering organization (°2005) that works around sustainable development and alternative globalisation, with a focus on the mining issues and Latin America. To contribute concretely to a sustainable solution for the ecological and climate crisis, we encourage a fairer mining industry and a more sustainable use of metals. We do this through awareness raising, networking, research, lobbying, exchange programs and supporting farming communities that are threatened by multinational mining companies in our partner countries

It hasn't been long since we concluded our Doculatino documentary festival earlier this year: A week where we have multiple screenings of documentaries concerning mining issues in Latin America. We'll be organising another Doculatino festival towards the end of October.

Luckily for us this means we get to organise the event twice in a single year! This also means we've already started some of the organisation of the event, we could use every helping hand that's willing!

What's left to assist us with?

  • Searching for partners
  • Selecting Documentaries
  • Discussing format
  • Logistics of the event
  • Assisting with the Promotion

We're looking for volunteers who would enjoy helping out where they can in an organisation driven by it's volunteers; a real grassroot movement. We don't force anyone to do anything, any small bit will earn you our gratitude.

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