After the break up, Dexia Group is still involved in financing the occupation

On Sunday 9 October the Board of Directors of the Dexia Group voted to sell Dexia Bank Belgium to the Belgian government, and Dexia Municipal Agency to the French government. Terzake asked the question: "What about Dexia Israel?"

Watch the Terzake report on Dexia Israel here (in Dutch - TV).

The "Israel colonizes - Dexia finances" platform also asked itself the same question. Based on Dexia press releases, media coverage, contacts with journalists and with Moniek Delvou, communication adviser to Dexia Chairman Jean-Luc Dehaene, we were able to find out the following information.

The Dexia Group, with its head office in Place Rogier in Brussels, still exists. When people talk about the "bad bank", or the "residual bank", they are referring to the Dexia Group. The same Dexia Group that was first bailed out in 2008, partly by the various public authorities in Belgium, which together forked out 2 billion euros.


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