intal went on observation mission to Tripoli, Libya

The "Association des Avocats et Juristes de la Méditerranée" organized an observation mission to Tripoli in Libya on 12 and 13 June with the aim of denouncing NATO's intervention in the country. As a faithful NATO supporter, the Belgian government - and by extension the whole parliament - joined the war. So it was only logical that four Belgians were among the group that headed for Tripoli.

Delegations from Tunisia, France, Britain, Morocco and Italy took part. The Belgian contingent comprised Mohamed Hassan (African expert), Michel Collon (journalist), Fréderic Dahlmann and Mario Franssen (intal spokesperson).

On the way back from Tripoli, Mario Franssen interviewed Mohamed Hassan about the mission.

Mohamed Hassan is keeping a close eye on the situation in Africa, and specifically in Libya. So he jumped at the chance to go to Tripoli. The three days he was able to spend there gave him real insight into the reality of the war in Tripoli and the surrounding area. It was also an ideal opportunity for him to make contact with the large African community in Libya.

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