Toekomst van het Yasuní initiatief blijft erg onzeker.

Yasuni_rivierDe komende maanden worden beslissend voor de toekomst van het Yasuní/ITT initiatief.
Eind dit jaar verloopt immers de deadline die president Correa vooropgesteld had: tegen eind december moet minstens voor 100 miljoen dollar aan bijdragen op het Yasunífonds gestort zijn, zoniet wordt het project opgeschort. Tot nu toe werd iets meer dan 40 miljoen dollar aan steun toegezegd, maar slechts een fractie daarvan - 1,6 miljoen -werd effectief op de rekening van het fonds gestort.

Tijdens een bijeenkomst over het Yasuní/ITT initiatief in New York (bijeengeroepen door Koffi Anan) werd opnieuw politieke steun toegezegd voor het initiatief maar zonder bijkomende financiële engagementen vanwege de sympathiserende landen. De toekomst van het initiatief blijft dus erg onzeker.

Om duidelijk te maken dat er verder campagne zal gevoerd worden voor het behoud van het Yasunípark werd door onze partner Acción Ecológica een oproep gelanceerd om een brief met standpunten over te maken aan de president van Ecuador. De brief kan je hieronder lezen.


  • We are highty committed to the initiative of non-exploitation of crude oil in the Yasuní National Park.
  • We are urging our governments to support the Yasuni-ITT Initiative as a comprehensive mechanism towards a post-extractivist transition and we will keep on supporting the Initiative from our individual and our collective spaces.
  • According to the new Ecuadorian Constitution there should be no oil extraction from within protected areas; furthermore, the Constitution specifically recognizes the Rights of Nature and the concept of "Sumac Kawsay" (Buen Vivir; living well).
  • We believe that the great merit of the Yasuni-ITT initiative is having demonstrated on an international level, for the first time, the real possibility of the non-exploitation of crude oil; furthermore, the Initiative , surpasses the carbon trading discourse, which dominates the current climate change talks.
  • Despite all the information circulating internationally about this groundbreaking Initiative for the protection of life on our planet, it is still surrounded by confusion and contradictions, which, in turn, discourage people, institutions and governments to support the Initiative.


  1. Conduct a socio-environmental audit of the entire National Park in order to guarantee its integrity.
  2. Clarify internationally, and in an unequivocal manner, that this Initiative is oriented towards the non-extraction of oil, that it calls upon the wealthiest countries to assume a greater responsibility towards the protection of the planet, and that it invites them to be part of the Initiative by means of financial contributions. By now, visions that pretend to accommodate this Initiative to the perverse carbon markets should definitely be overcome.
  3. Take urgent measures that confirm the real disposition of Ecuadorian government to save the Yasuni NP and its people, as well as advancing towards a post-petroleum transition: incorporating Block 31 into the proposal, because it is in the heart of the Yasuní NP; reversing the bidding on the Armadillo oilfield, because of the presence within this area of indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation, the traditional inhabitants of the Yasuní; and cancelling all geographical alterations introduced during the renegotiation of the contracts for Blocks 14 and 10, for lacking the necessary consultation process and affecting directly the Yasuní NP, as well as the territory of the Sarayacu people.
  4. Contact the new Peruvian Government to study the possibility to expand the protected area of the ITT field in eastern direction, incorporating neighboring oilfields on the Peruvian side, thereby creating an even more powerful and stronger Initiative.
  5. Finally, it is essential to develop instruments ( accounts, certificates, warrants)or means for citizens from around the world to support the Initiative in an individual and collective manner.

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