Manifest 11.11.11

Our manifesto


A world without exploitation, that’s what we want.

We cannot and will not accept that one person is worth more than another.

Nowhere. Never.


That is why we challenge the current system.

A system that generates and perpetuates structural inequality

in a world where the profit of a few comes at the expense of people and nature.


We fight for a world where everyone counts.

A world in which power and resources are distributed fairly.


But if we truly want things to change, we need one another.

Because as a group we are stronger than on our own.


Once we join forces, every 1 gets stronger.

We become 1 group. Many 1’s together.

1 movement that connects globally.

Can put pressure. Impress.


So that every 1 gets the chance to live a dignified life.



Strength in numbers

Logo 11.11.11

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